Region Territory Bonuses Tribute
North America Montreal Einsatz
Winnipeg Geldmeister 30
Ottawa Einsatz 30
Vancouver Marinenflugzeug 10
Nunavut 15
Nuuk Marinenflugzeug 10
New York Marinenflugzeug 100
Washington DC Einsatz
Los Angeles Geldmeister 100
Minneapolis Einsatz 10
Houston Geldmeister 20
Resources available Miami Geldmeister 10
Wal Baumwolle Kupfer Vieh Kohl Uranium-erz Chicago 20
Unification bonus: St Louis 50
125 Portland 10
Rebels: Anchorage 5
Anarchists (American) Albuquerque Geldmeister 15


  • Unsurprisingly, North America has the highest tribute score.
  • North American cities all get +50 tribute more than in Rise of the Moderns.
  • Alaska, being empty, has a Logistics card attached to it.
  • Los Angeles has 35 tribute, a Military Eureka card and a Urainium rare.
  • New York, in addition to coal, has 100 tribute and a Commerce Eureka card.
  • Chicago, in addition to 20 tribute, has a Metal Boom card.

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