The Barracks trains low-level infantry, which are mostly armed with rifles, but also feature more powerful weapons like sub-machine guns and heavy rifles, which can be used to take out vehicles.

Units trainedEdit

Rifle infantryEdit

a good infantry unit, but worthless against heavily armored units. Nevertheless, they can be trained quite quickly and have the best range, bar recoilless guns, machine guns and rocket soldiers.

Rifle icon Bersag 1918 Alpini [[file:|link=Rifle infantry#Intti|Intti]] [[file:|link=Rifle infantry#Rifle Infantry|Rifle Infantry]]

Mounted infantryEdit

very costly cavalry unit, costing fully of food with a powerful attack, but poor hitpoints. Most mounted units use cavalry rifles, but some others like Japanese, Indian or Chinese cavalry use lance and sabre instead. General attack but poor hitpoints, cavalry are useful only in picking off straggler units and flanking. Sub-factions like India and China and major powers such as the Soviets have good cavalry units. Cavalry are useful however as a shock force against infantry, and are also best used en masse. Additionally, these mounted infantrymen come with better LOS and some resistance to attrition.

Recoilless gunEdit

High-ranged heavy riflemen, capable of destroying infantry with just 1 hit, and heavy weapons with a few, but very slow to move around, a minimum range of 3 and very poor reload time. So although they can be very devastating against most units including, their best use is against light vehicles and early tanks, since they are easily destroyed by infantry.


Assault infantryEdit

The dread of all infantry, they are armed with powerful, rapid-firing assault weapons. These soldiers deal added damage against buildings and receive less damage from low-level vehicles and cavalry; however note that their weapons don't have the same range as a rifle, nor can they be used to take apart tanks or battleships. Some factions have the ability to upgrade these units further, which can then be used as "jack of all trades" to take apart other infantry and even light tanks, although recoilless guns are better if you can get them.