There are roughly about 5 campaigns, being


[1-6] Winter 1926: In Powermongers, the balance of power in Europe and Asia has been redrawn against the increasing geopolitical importance of oil. Take control of 1 of 22 nations, and try and forge a new place under the sun for yourself, either by military invention against non-aligned factions, by seizing as many oilfiellds as possible, or by forming a coalition of the willing to forge a new world order.


[3-6] Summer 1934: Fascism and Communism are at each other's throats, and are now involved in a cat-and-mouse game throughout every city on earth. Either help the vanguards of ideologies acomplish their manifest destiny as vanguards of the new ideologies, or create a new global empire through conquest and diplomacy

Age of DarknessEdit

[3-6] Once more war has broken out in Europe, with Germany having overrun most of Central Europe. Apart from the 6 traditional major factions of WW2, you will also be able to command the armies of Finland, Romania and China and attempt to swing history in your favour.


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