Major powers are no pushovers. Very snooty about their territories, they will never trade away any parts of their massive overland empires. Equally to boot, they have the most powerful arsenals as well. Apart from Germany, which is very small, the major powers nevertheless have access to many resource and military bonuses - Germany in the CtW just has to scramble to get them!

That said, however:

  • USSR - an all-rounder in things, the USSR's units are highly superior in all areas. Players should also note that the upgrade time for USSR-based armoured UUs tends to be faster than all other factions, in addition to its traditional bonuses.
  • Germany - the German army is known for one thing: quality at all costs. Thus, all of Germany's units have better hitpoints, armour and firepower, but suffer from having lower build speeds. The German army is one that is not easily produced, but when properly played can easily rout all other factions to the nth degree.
  • British Commonwealth - Historically, British armour was often the weakest link in Allied Operations in Europe towards the end of the Second World War, but nevertheless British armour often served with distinction against heavier Nazi foes. Thus, Britain, while having average armour, can however count on its units' superior abilities to get by in a conflict. Its tanks and infantry are nothing special, toe to toe, but they have the ability to self-repair without needing any garrisoning, and its units also have extensive LOS. Britain must also be noted for having superior naval units as well as more powerful aircraft until the Atomic Era.
  • USA - masters of innovation and quality, the US has a more extensive complement of units in its arsenal. It is the only faction capable of building a an advanced tank to replace its main tank line, the Patton, in later games. To note, the production time of USA units is also significantly low.
  • Empire of Japan - while Japanese units are somewhat mediocre, there are several things to be noted: its infantry tend to suffer from less attrition, and its tanks are masters at amphibious warfare, despite their relative inferiority to Russian, American or German armour. Equally, they may produce inferior damage, but Japanese tanks have a high rate of fire to make up for it. They still are somewhat more fragile, and are better used as ambush forces.
  • Kingdom of Italy - Italy is a rather peculiar faction. Its tanks are cheap to produce and fast, but tend to be warriors in tin armour where others use steel. Its artillery, however, are another story - they may be artillery, but they never need to deploy to be used, and also are sufficiently armoured to act as tank destroyers!
  • France - the French armoured corps is by far the best in the early game. Not only are its tank models far sturdier than other factions, it even gets out a heavy tank earlier than others. Sadly, however, this lead is eventually lost and the French must then begin relying on American-produced weaponry and training to carry the day.


If a major power is annexed, all of its remaining territories will revolt and become rebel states. Major factions occupied by you will also rebel if you are militarily defeated several times in a single era.

Major power national bonusesEdit

  • France - Prestige
  • Americans - Manifest Destiny
  • Germany - Dominion
  • British Commonwealth - Empire
  • Kingdom of Italy - Fascism
  • USSR - Motherland
  • Empire of Japan - Bushido

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