The weakest of the lot, the minor nations are also the most enthused when it comes to being part of your empire. You can annex them or occupy them, but they will generally stay put on your team most of the time.

Generally put, they will have different wants and needs - for instance,

  • Arab tribes - demands return of Jerusalem and Damascus for an alliance.
  • Brazil - will become a satellite for the hefty price of 1000 tribute.
  • Bulgaria - will happily offer an alliance to anyone at war with Greece, otherwise usually is non-belligerent. Bulgarian belligerence is directly mainly at Greece.
  • Finland - will happily ally with anyone at war with the USSR and Poland when asked.
  • Greece - will never sue for peace with anyone who declares war on it. Greece is the most problematic part of Southern Europe for Germany, because it is rather mercurial, and will offer occupation rights only to those who can grant it Nicosia and the Marmara Coast - which are occupied by Britain and Turkey. It will generally accept alliances with the player as long a the player does not have access to the Mediterranean.
  • Hungary - if you can secure Transylvania, Hungary will offer itself up for occupation if you give it Transylvania.
  • Persia - allies with anyone who gives it Baku, Armenia and Tiflis. A war with Persia however will result in a war with England.
  • Poland - keeps to itself, but generally allies itself with England and France, if things go wrong.
  • Romania - prefers to stay neutral - only giving it Transylvania and Bessarabia will allow you to gain them as an ally
  • Spain - instant alliance with anyone who gives the Pyrenees; also prefers to pay tribute to obtain peace as opposed to fighting.
  • Turkey - allies with anyone who gives them Nicosia.

These are just some tips for those playing a CtW and needing to find a way to bust their way through.

Minor nation national bonusesEdit

  • Arab tribes - Jihad
  • Brazil - Integralism
  • Bulgaria - Nation
  • Finland - Forest
  • Greece - Heroism
  • Hungary - The Danube
  • Persia - Majesty
  • Poland - Liberty
  • Romania - Order
  • Spain - Enterprise
  • Turkey - Defiance

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