Unit flagsEdit


Level Attack Move speed Toughness Build time Range
1 Nuisance Plodding Insignificant Instantaneous None/melee
2 Feeble Slow Laughable Fast Mediocre
3 Low Rather slow Trifling Rather fast Short
4 Decent Medium Reasonable Rather slow Medium
5 Strong Rather fast Respectable Slow Long
6 Very strong Fast Formidable Very slow Vast
7 Brutal Record breaking Epic Monumental Phenomenal

Civic rolesEdit

Civic roles are abilities which are not primarily meant for frontline combat duty

Symbol Unit role
This unit is a civilian.
This unit is a resource gatherer, viz a merchant or trawler.
This unit is a spy.
This unit is a scientist or researcher.
This unit is a supply unit.
This unit is a general/officer unit.
This unit is a patriot.


Unless the unit icon is self-explanatory, the weapons of a unit will be indicated. Different weapons perform differently depending on the target in question.

Symbol Unit role

This unit is armed with normal bullets.

  • High dam vs unarmoured units
  • Minimal damage against armoured units and buildings

This unit is armed with armour-piercing rounds.

  • Low rate of fire
  • Low minimum range
  • High damage against low-level vehicles and unarmoured targets
  • Minimal damage against reinforced structures and high-level vehicles

This unit is armed with HE rounds

  • Low rate of fire
  • Low minimum range
  • High damage against most targets, particularly vehicles and buildings

This unit is armed with missiles.

  • Low rate of fire
  • Medium minimum range
  • Has an impact effect
  • High damage against low-level vehicles and unarmoured targets
  • Low damage against high-level vehicles
  • Minimal damage against super-reinforced structures and infantry (except cavalry)

This unit has a melee attack.

  • High damage against unarmoured targets, especially infantry
  • Minimal damage against everything else

This unit is armed with a flamethrower.

  • High damage against infantry and structures
  • Minimal damage against armoured cars
  • Note: flame tanks deal added damage, and can be used to critically destroy armoured cars and tankettes.
This unit has a nuclear warhead!


Symbol Unit role

This unit is a tank or armoured unit.

  • Costly well-armoured and mobile, deals brutal damage against infantry, armoured cars, tankettes, and non-reinforced buildings
  • Tanks have a minimum range of 1 and low LOS

This unit is a tankette or armoured car

  • Normally very fast, and armed with a variety of weapons.
  • Tends to have good LOS and no minimum range
  • Damage type depends on weapon

This unit is an artillery unit.

  • Relatively cheap but static and weak, deals brutal damage against infantry, armoured cars, tankettes and non-reinforced buildings
  • A minimum range of 2, low LOS

This unit is a mounted infantry/mechanised infantry unit.

  • Cheap but fast
  • Deals minimal damage against buildings

This unit is a machine gun

  • Must unpack to deploy
  • Strong against infantry, mediocre against light vehicles, weak against heavy vehicles

This unit is a designated self-propelled gun.

  • Strong attack but weak defensive parameters
  • Can serve as mobile light artillery

Naval unitsEdit

Symbol Unit role

This unit is a submarine.

  • Normally stealthed untill it attacks, very weak against fixed fortifications and specialised surface craft.
  • The German T-XXI is capable of remaining submereged even while attacking, making it impervious to most surface attacks.

This unit is a surface vessel.

  • Most common form of craft.
  • Destroyers and Battle Cruisers are capable of detecting enemy submarines
  • Fast attack craft, buildable to USA, Germany and Italy, have different areas of specialisation.
  • Cruisers and Battleships are capable of devastating surface attacks, and are especially powerful against reinforced fortifications.

This unit is an aircraft carrier.

  • Has no attack, but carries around 7 fighter-bombers which are effective against most surface targets..


Symbol Unit role

This unit is a tactical air unit.

  • Ideal to attack air units
  • Weak against other units, especially AA buildings

This unit is a medium air unit.

  • Medium planes can consist of ground attack aircraft or heavy fighters.
  • Medium plains can detect hidden units and submarines.
  • Some damage against buildings

This unit is a bomber air unit.

  • Usually unarmed save for its bombs, meant to be used to attack buildings.
  • Not very accurate

Combat specialisationsEdit

Symbol Unit role

This unit is an assault unit, aka "heavy" (applies to both infantry and vehicles).

  • Assault units tend to be tougher, and deal more damage against buildings and (in the case of infantry) vehicles

This unit is a tank destroyer, viz anti-armour.

  • High damage versus vehicles (if it hits)
  • Medium damage against structures
  • Low damage against most infantry
This unit is an anti-aircraft unit.

This unit is a militia unit.

  • Militia will suffer attrition continuously in the field even if near supply.

This unit is a special forces unit, viz "paras"; "commandos".

  • These units may be capable of sabotage, and should also be able to prevent AA weapons from working.
This unit is a carrier-based plane.

This unit is a suicide unit.

  • If the unit attacks, it immediately dies, simultaneously dealing damage.


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