Generic BHG textsEdit

Total victoryEdit

"One by one, you have vanquished your enemies and united all of the nations under your glorious banner! Throughout the ages your name will be remembered as the one who succeeded where all others have failed — you have conquered the world."

Diplomatic VictoryEdit

"Your careful planning and endless patience have led to a planet united in alliance. Eschewing the bloodthirsty goals of tyrants, you have pursued peaceful ends that have earned you and your nation immense respect and trust. Though many battles were fought to achieve it, the world's peoples can celebrate the great alliance that has brought them peace and prosperity."

Marginal victoryEdit

"Through your leadership, the {faction name} have become the largest and most prosperous nation on the planet. With the Ages at an end, you have earned the respect of your foes and the adulation of your people for this momentuous accomplishment. However, complete conquest of all the nations must await another attempt, as a few countries managed to hold out against your might."

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