Generic goalsEdit

  • Accumulate 1,000 tribute.


  • Control more territory than any other faction
  • Seize the cantonments of Brussels, Strasbourg and Koln from Germany.


  • Control more territory than Austria
  • Seize control of Tirana and Beograd.

British CommonwealthEdit

  • Control more territory than any other faction
  • Eliminate any 2 of the following 4:
    • Germany
    • Austria
    • Turkey
    • Bulgaria


  • Conquer more territory than Austria
  • Eliminate Britain and France


  • Eliminate Greece, Romania and Russia
  • Maintain an average fortification level that is higher than Germany's (you can lower Germany's fortification level by purchasing Sabotage cards)


  • Conquer North Africa
  • Eliminate all European nations in North Africa and the Middle East


  • support either the Bolsheviks or Mensheviks
    • Menshevik support provides you with 4 Military Eureka cards, and re-establishes your relations with the Entente nations of Europe, locking your government into Hierarchy
    • Bolshevik support provides you with 500 tribute, and ensures that Germany, Turkey, Austria and Bulgaria won't attack you.
  • Re-conquer all Russian lands
  • Eliminate Turkey, Poland and Finland


  • Eliminate Germany
  • Maintain an average fortification level that is higher than Britain's


  • Conquer more territory than the Ottomans


  • Eliminate Greece and Romania
  • Conquer more territory than Austria


  • Eliminate Turkey and Bulgaria
  • In addition to maintaining your sovereignty over your initial territories, reclaim Nicosia, Tirana, Beograd, Rodos and Istanbul


  • Eliminate Bulgaria
  • Control: Chishinau, Kiev, Brasov, Lvov and Praha

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