CtW objectivesEdit

Conquer the following regions:

  • China
  • Indomalaya
  • Pacific well as the following territories:

  • North Sakhalin
  • South Sakhalin
  • Kurils


  • Initial difficulty: Challenging
  • Number of capitals: 1 (Tokyo)
  • Number of supply centres 1 (Changchun-Xinjing)
  • Number of armies: 2
  • Initial resources: Political Dissidents, Logistics Support
  • Diplomatic personality: Unreliable, Implacable

In Age of Darkness, Japan has made headway in China, and very much controls almost half of the entire region.

In summary,

  1. Conquer rebel territories in China before they are taken over by other powers.
  2. The conquest of China will provide resources that can be used to further your war efforts elsewhere.
  3. Conquer the island of Borneo as quickly as possible to deprive the Allies of oil, but be careful as it is isolated.

Territories coveredEdit






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