Throughout the Domination campaign, the Hungarian leader is always Horthy Miklos. In the case of Soviet occupation, however, Horthy is replaced with Tildy Zoltán.

Leaders include a list of Hungarian Colonels-General, including Lakatos Geza.

Territories coveredEdit

  • Budapest

Unique unitsEdit

(NB: German and Italian units availble ONLY with Fascist alignment)


  • Cavalry: Mobile Infantry, Mech Infantry corps
  • Anti-armour: Solothurn S-18/100 [3-4] => Panzerschreck [5-6]
  • Special forces: Armed peasants# [1-2] => Rongyos Gárda (????) will need to look at these more closely.


  • Tankette: L3/35#
  • Light tanks: FT-17^ [1-2] => Strv m/41 (Panzer 38(t) [3-5] => Strv L/60 [6]
  • Medium tank: Panzer III



  • SPGs: Panzer StuG III# [3] (requires Panzer III chassis)
  • PAK => Zrinyi ?
  • SPAD => Strv L60 "40M Nimrod" ? [2]

Unique vehiclesEdit

  • Romfell => Csaba armoured car


  • Fighters: Fokker AIII [1] => Fiat CR20 [2-3] => Focke-Wulf FW 190 [4] => Messerschmitt Me 262 [6]Bf 109
  • Bombers: Caproni 135 [3]# (Hungary can't create airships)
  • Special: Junkers JU88# [3]

National bonusesEdit

The DanubeEdit

  • Cities cost 75% cheaper
  • May Build one more city beyond the normal limit, bonus city begin with 1st civics upgrade
  • Barrack units and citizens move 25% faster

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