As an AI player, the Netherlands is often allied with the Oslo Group, and while peaceable will not accept any alliances whatsoever, preferring to ally with you only if war was declared against it. Once Germany is occupied or annexed by the allies, however, it will join NATO (NATO is always formed using the Oslo Group, unless the Soviets annex German territories)

  • Number of capitals: 2 (Den Haag, Betawi)
  • Number of oilfields/supply centres: 2 Palembang, Pontianak)
  • Number of armies: 4
  • Diplomatic personality: Neutral, reliable

Territories coveredEdit

  • Den Haag


  • Palembang
  • Betawi
  • South Borneo
  • Hollandia
  • Maluku

Central AmericaEdit

  • Paramaribo

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