Faction Overview CtW Information
Unique Units National Bonuses


  • Number of capitals: 2 (Stockholm; Berne)
  • Number of oilfields/supply centres: 2 (Austria, Tirana)
  • Number of armies: 4
  • Allies: All factions in Europe, as well as China, Persia and Japan
  • Diplomatic personality: Unreliable; Appealable

The Oslo Group represents all "free nations". While it can be allied with, it does not wage war on other factions and will never trade land, it will only sell off its bonus cards for more tribute which in turn is used to reinforce its territories further. The Oslo Group also cannot be vassalised - once its last capital is taken, it is dead and cannot return.

Although the equipment of the Oslo Group per se is Swedish, there are other variants for the CtW:

  • Sweden: this faction
  • Swiss: Mostly German infantry, German airplanes, but use the French R35.
  • Belgian: Some troops resembling African askaris are also used, as well as British equipment - but not much.
  • Norway, Denmark: They share the same units as the Netherlands, but overall have infantry, armoured cars and cavalry, not tanks. Armies in Iceland and Greenland are equipped only with horses.
  • Ireland: armed with V6T, Rolls-Royce Armoured Car, but nothing else. Ack.
  • Czechoslovakia: They use French-styled weapons but are armed with the Strv M/41, and the LT35 of Romania and Bulgaria.
  • Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria: - these factions are armed with hardly anything, other than the FT-17.
  • Yugoslavia, Albania - same as the Baltic and Central European components but come armed with both the FT-17, the Strv M/41 and the Italian L3/35
Faction Head of state
Oslo Group League of Nations
Switzerland Henri Guisan
  • Leopold III in Belgium,
  • Hubert Pierlot as ruler of Congo
  • Haakon VII
  • Vidkun Quisling if Axis-occupied Norway is attacked

Éamon de Valera (Irish Civil War is NOT covered)

  • Christian X in Denmark
  • Eske Brun in Greenland
  • Agnar Kofoed-Hansen in Iceland
  • Emil Hacha for 2 turns,
  • then replaced by Edvard Benes
Estonia Konstantin Päts
Slovakia Jozef Tiso
Lativa Jānis Čakste
Lithuania Antanas Smetona
Austria Engelbert Dollfuss
Sweden Per Albin Hansson
  • Initially Peter of Serbia,
  • then Josip Broz Tito when attacking Axis-held Balkans.
Albania Zog

Territories coveredEdit


  • Stockholm
  • Lulea


  • Oslo
  • Svalbard




  • Prague
  • Bratislava


  • Vienna


  • Talinn


  • Jihlava


  • Riga


  • Dublin


  • Berne


  • Beograd


  • Tirana

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