In the Domination CtW, Poland is, alas, underclassed if compared with the more advanced German and Oslo Group armies, or the manpower of the Russians. In short, it is bound to become little more than a speedbump in the way of whichever warmonger has set its sights on Eastern Europe.


  • Number of capitals: 1 (Warsaw)
  • Number of oilfields/supply centres: 1 (Lwow)
  • Number of armies: 2
  • Diplomatic personality: Amicable, unreliable

Heavily isolationist and fearful especially of Communist Russia and Fascist Germany, Poland usually keeps to itself, and is reluctant to accept alliance offers with one exception: France. Should you be playing as France, consider forming this alliance with Poland as soon as possible, especially since Germany will be seeking a war and may turn on you. Any faction allied to either Germany, Russia or Italy will usuaslly be sidelined; forming relationships with them breaks your relations with Poland. For most other factions, Poland only bothers with alliances if you had a pre-existing alliance with one of its enemies, for instance Poland will consider alliances with Britain only if Britain is at war with say, Germany if Germany is at war with Poland.

Territories coveredEdit

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