CtW objectivesEdit

  • Economic victory: control 10 supply centres
  • Propaganda victory: control 1 region and 6 satellites
  • Default victory: eliminate all hostile and non-aligned factions.


  • Number of capitals: 1 (Warsaw)
  • Number of oilfields/supply centres: 1 (Lwow)
  • Number of armies: 2
  • Initial resources:
    • Bonus: 1 x Great Thinker; 1 x Traitors
  • Diplomatic personality: Amicable, unreliable

With 2 armies, Poland has the makings of a potential power in Eastern Europe. It also has a relatively sound collection of units, but its big problem is its size — in comparison with Germany, it has two fewer territories, and it is also hemmed in by Russia to the east. Attempting to win with Poland is thus problematic, because its size and lack of significant resources means that it is difficult for Poland to expand, without setting off a new European conflict.

In any case, however, Poland has one chance, and that is to align itself with Germany or France, the two powers most likely to aid Poland. The French are happy to accept an alliance offer upfront; Germany is also eager to receive the Gdansk territory back, but the problem is that the loss of Gdansk may result in unrest at home. Even so, with Germany as a potential shield, Poland may be able to achieve great things on its own once border security is achieved. Poland may then consider attempts to achieve a propaganda victory.

First however will be the annexation of Czechoslovakia and Austria, since the Oslo Group is unwilling to deal with you. Once these two territories are under your control, you should then seek to influence the other minor nations of Eastern Europe — Hungary, Romania, Greece and Bulgaria. These are all potential takeover targets which can be bought out one way or the other, but only if specific offerings are given to them. Generally, Greece wants Nicosia and Istanbul, Bulgaria wants a war with Greece, Hungary wants Brasov from Romania.

The logical choice for Poland then is to conquer Eastern Europe. Germany and Russia have no genuine allies, and are also not aligned with the other major powers of Europe, notably France and Britain. Germany's capital should be taken out, and the nation converted into a Polish vassal, followed by a war with Russia, which the British and French simply won't turn down. By then you should have had 2 satellites, followed by the now humbled Russians and Germans, meaning that all that is left now for you is to buy up 2 more satellite states. The most ideal targets for vassalisation would be the Middle Eastern nations of Turkey, Iran and Iraq. Once they are gotten rid of, you should then win the game.

Territories coveredEdit

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