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Self-propelled assault guns are known for their efficacy against armour, but little more. They sacrifice firing rates and range in return for accuracy, and thus are somewhat vulnerable against artillery and infantry capable of closing on them since they have some minimum range.

  • Armoured (depending on chassis), but with a less than optimal range compared to field guns, and have a slower rate of fire.
  • Deals added damage against all tanks.
  • Although self-propelled assault guns appear to be based off a tank chassis, they move more slowly (as all artillery pieces do) and have a minimum range equal to artillery.
  • Italian SPGs have no minimum range and better armour, making them capable of destroying a wide array of targets. In fact, an Italian army can go into combat, with these fellows at the head of your army!

Not all factions create self-propelled assault guns, however. Only certain ones build them on the basis of balance, although there is a confirmed list of models:

List of unitsEdit


(no entries)

Mass ManufacturingEdit

  • Somua SAu40 (requires the Somua s35 medium chassis)


  • Valentine Mk I Archer (requires the Valentine medium chassis)
  • Panzer StuG III (requires the Panzer III medium chassis)
  • Ho-Ro (requires the Chi-Ha medium chassis)
  • Semovente 47/32 (requires the L6/40 light chassis, but is actually somewhat stronger)


  • Marder (upgraded from StuG III)


  • Cromwell Challenger (requires the Comet light chassis)
  • SU-100 (requires the T-34 medium chassis)
  • Nashorn (upgraded from Marder)
  • Semovente 105/25 (requires the M15/42 light chassis)
  • Sherman Firefly (requires the M4 Sherman medium chassis, and an ancillary tech?)


  • Sturmtiger (requires the Tiger heavy chassis)
  • KV-2 mortar tank (requires the KV-1 heavy chassis)

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