Unique unitsEdit

(note that many of these units are shared with other nations)


  • Conscripts
  • Assault Infantry
  • Commando: Rangers. Commandos are armed with rifles.



  • M114 light howitzer

Other vehiclesEdit

  • M3 Armoured Car[2-3]


  • Mustang [6]
  • P-38 Lightning [6]

Naval unitsEdit

  • PT Boat: faster than Coast Guard, has an attack bonus against shorebound infantry.

National bonusesEdit


  • Merchants collect 50% bonuses from rare resources
  • See all rare resource in your territory
  • Starts game with Market, and can trade resources from the start
  • Always trade resources with +20/-20 price bonus
  • Merchants, Caravan and Markets 50% cheaper and 50% more hitpoints
  • +1 limit to number of caravans

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