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The Vietnam War mod is a mod recounting the history of the Vietnam War based at the Mod Database.

Formally, it spans the historical period spanning the Vietnam War, which is roughly around 1955 to 1975, but also includes two additional conflicts - the Indo-Pakistani Wars, and the Konfrontasi in Malaysia.

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Conflicts coveredEdit

  • Indochina Wars
  • Indo-Pakistani Wars
  • Konfrontasi and Emergency in Malay Archipelago


See here.


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Uk Eureka star Kiwi Taegukgi vnq Hind chakhra Dprk Kmt Sangsaka
Pilipinay Plao Laso Canbodge Pak Burma Brunei J gemilang

Major factionsEdit

  • United States - Americans
  • Viet Cong - Chinese
  • North Vietnam - Koreans
  • Khmer Rouge - Lakota
  • Thailand - Inca
  • South Vietnam - Japanese
  • China - Turks
  • USSR

Minor factions 1Edit

  • Britain - Dutch
  • Australia - Bantu
  • New Zealand - British
  • Philippines - Romans
  • Brunei - France
  • Taiwan - Nubians
  • Malaysia - Persians
  • ROK - Germany

Minor factions 2Edit

  • North Korea - Egyptians
  • Kingdom of Laos - Aztecs
  • Pathet Lao - Mongols
  • Indonesia - Iroquois
  • India - Greeks
  • Pakistan - India
  • Burma - Spanish
  • Khmer Republic - Maya

News: Progress logEdit

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