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Turkey have the Power of Defiance (the Horde)

Unique units


  • Rifle infantry: Piyade
  • Mounted Infantry: Camel Corp (unlike Arabs or others, Turkey has 3 MIs)
  • Commando: Armed peasants [1-2] => peasant guerillas [3-4]
  • Machine Gun: Vickers
  • SMG: Shock Troopers
  • Laz irregulars


  • Light tanks: V6T [2] => T-26 [3-6]
  • Medium tanks: Panzer III# [3] => Panzer IV# [4]


  • Cannon (towed artillery): 7.7 cm Feldkanone 96 neuer Art# => Skoda K1 [3]

Other vehicles

  • Erhardt E4/7


  • Fighter s: MS-406, FW-190
  • Bomber: Heinkel HE 111 [3?]

Naval units

  • Submarine

National bonuses


  • Receive free cavalry whenever you complete a new Armoury: 1 at start, 2 with Level 2 Military and 3 with Level 3 Military researched. Free units are not given, if this would exceed the Population Limit.
  • Mounted units are created 10% cheaper and 20% faster.
  • Receive +1 File:Food.jpg Food for each 1% of world landmass controlled, times half the number of nations. E.g., 25% of the world landmass with 4 nations would result in an extra +50 Food.

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